Detroit, Dresden Style

Okay we're leaving alright, what's the problem?

Pull up your pants


- With the sound of several vehicles approaching down the driveway the blood is stemmed very quickly from Chuck and Dondarion’s bullet and knife wounds, the four of them escaped out the side window onto the icy roof of the 8 car garage.

- Unfortunately even god could not help Dondarion navigate climbing down a slick, angled roof … in a blizzard … so soon after taking an 8-inch knife wound and in a tangle mass of limbs they hit the snow in front of the garage.

- Bad guys can be dumb but not that dumb and they are heard by the last ones entering, prompting the 4 gun wielding ones to pour out of the door. A quick thinking Grimes ices up the steps and takes all down, some with sickening and satisfying bone crunching breaks. However, two new members to the party — a man and woman jump over the 15m sheet of ice with ease and turn to the group as they pile into the car.

- Channeling a terrorized Mario Andretti, Chuck keeps control of the car in terrible blizzard conditions … mostly (he only took out 1/2 the gate) and they can see their escape. The requisite guns are blazing from some of the goons but that’s not the real problem — one of the hooded newcomers is gathering a huge fireball between his arms to hurl and the man and woman are now catching up to the car even as it crests 40 km.

- The fireball washes over the car ruining the wax jobs and doing a number on the electronics.

- Quickly putting out his eyebrows, Grimes squeezes off a shot from the magnum and hits the racing woman solidly in the should. She spins and disappears into the snow on the shoulder.

- Chuck decides to use an even bigger weapon and draws the pursuing man in close then slams on the breaks. The freak of nature almost manages to leap over the car to avoid collision but his lower legs are clipped and flies end-over-end over the car and lands with a thud in front of it. After the car struck him, Dondarion notes that a pile of black ichor or venom was forced out of his mouth but the impact but it was quick and couldn’t identify.

- Grimes steps out and blasts away at the body to no effect but Dondarion notices that the woman has surprising gotten up and is bearing down on the group with fury. They decide that discretion is the better part of valor and speed off in the singed and battered Lexus.

- The adrenaline of the escape quickly gives way to the realization that two members are still suffering from recent knife and bullet wounds and that they are accompanied by a former priest reduced to a glibbering madman. Grimes decides that this situation is right up Artemis alley and give him call. Artemis is even more gruff than usual ( he has been trying to divert a city-wide manhunt against an unknown serial vigilante — him ) and cannot be connected to their situation at all. Chuck requests connection to someone capable of patching them up discreetly and Artemis complies.

- The group meet a surprisingly friendly and pleasant (especially for 3 a.m. in a blizzard) Dr. Sharon Williams at the county morgue. She takes them inside and proceeds to patch up the wounds.

- The excitement dying down, Grimes notices he has felt an strange unease about Dondarion’s knife wound and he checks it in the nether. There he finds that Dondarion has been magically poisoned, a poison that will consume him in days if not dealt with. Grimes pushes his magical abilities and manages to suck the poison from the wound.

- Then it was a requisite stop after encountering something just too weird for words — Madame’s coffee shop. Unfortunately she had little to offer from the various, small pieces of information they had so far (or she just wanted to get back to her customers?). But she did offer to put them in contact with one of the most knowledgeable wizards she knew in case he could tell them something about the situation given its apparent connection to the dark arts. The group heads out to Father Dondarion’s parish to ask some questions.

- After interrogating a confused Sister Margaret at the two men who arrived at midnight and finding no additional evidence at his church, he leads the group into the inner city and to Father Adrian’s modest church. Where Sister Agnes is again asked about Adrian’s whereabouts without luck but Dondarion does uncover something while scouring his mentors office. Some folded notes, stashed in the front of Father Adrian’s favourite bible that raise questions about various possibilities for a strange vibe he’s been getting from his recent investigations — the vampires (conjectures on all 3 courts), one of the fallen?, winter court, were all possibilities he had scribbled down as possible behind-the-shadows reasons.
– meanwhile, while waiting for the good Father to return noticed that the church’s candles with dimming and “flaring” just at the edge of perception. They seemed to be following some pattern but definitely not a regular as the brightness grouping would slowly sweep one way then the other. After a minutes, it stopped completely.

- Grimes and Dondarion headed out to speak with Madame Love’s contact while Chuck stayed.

Currently …

- Grimes and Dondarion have just finished their greatest challenge — a 15 minute conversation with Bobbie (15-yr-old wizard prodigy and mall-gangsta-wannabe) that didn’t end in a smack and old man proclamation to pull up his pants and put his cap on straight. Bobbie listed the creatures he knows that are physically capable of looking human and doing what they man and woman did — “werewolves, vampires, demons (who knows what they can do), greater dragons (but they would have just ripped the car in 2), oh and Fallen and Angels I suppose (depending on which way you’re swinging), . But the ichor, I dunno, that definitely sounds demonic or maybe red vampire. The whole crazy emotion thing this guy Mike is talking about, that’s classic white vampire I suppose but could be demons or fallen too. But heck, maybe this is just some powerful faerie messing with you guys?”

- Chuck has remained behind at the Father Adrians’s church to see if/when the strange man who was earlier in the morning asking if Father Adrian had returned.


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