Detroit, Dresden Style

Frankie Goes to Weirdwood

- Despite not having the promised prostitute, and lacking the supplies to make Grimes a convincing disguise, it seems any doubt in their scheme and guile was misplaced as the lobby guards passed them through and into the elevator without incident. But then it quickly became apparent the doubt was fully justified as Martin Ford stopped the elevator and, under threat of who knows what he could do them in an enclosed box 100’s of feet in the air, invited them to make talk not war. To which they warily agreed.

- After a long cagey conversation filled with “you show me yours …” manoeuvres, Martin finally put his cards on the table and admitted he was a White Court vampire in exchange for their open-mindedness. During the surprising pleasant conversation (hey there was expensive alcohol even), they learned:
– Martin seems to know a lot about Chuck
– Martin seems to have had surveillance on the same individual who ran down their car the other night (and seemed only slight annoyed by being run over by a car … twice). The surveillance was being carried out by a private investigator operating out of the seedy side of town who reported in every few days but was late in doing so.
– According to Martin, the man is actually a red court vampire — Klaus Hemmer — ranking fairly high in the Detroit organization and has a severely hawkish bent when it comes to escalating the war between the red and white courts. The woman from that night is his sister, also a red court vampire.
– Therefore, Martin’s theory about the emotion-linked tortures that Father Michael had gone through, although seemingly White Court vampire modus operandi, were the results of a ruse by the Red Court / Cultists to divert any opposition away from them and towards their enemies (i.e. the Whites). Of course, it’s just as likely that Martin’s theory is a ruse to pit the 3 against the Red Court without cause …. isn’t it? Or maybe it’s all trickery by the re-animated Colonel Sanders to disguise his motor city power grab …
– Martin had no idea about the cultists.

- The group leaves Bayside Towers and decides to find this private dick and pump him for …. wait let’s start again. They decide to go speak with Raymond Flint about his findings.

- Unfortunately, for everyone involved, they find Raymond Flint very dead in his office. The body’s condition clearly points to either someone with alot of determination, time, and anger issues or a supernatural capable of ripping up a body through brute strength. Keeping down their dinners, they get to the task of digging up any useful information in the mess of papers in the office.

- The frustration for all the searchers’ mounted quickly as nothing was turning up, but Grimes was further compounded by the fear he was finally losing his mind. He heard a voice continually requested help and explanations as to why he was ignoring him, but he couldn’t see the asker in the office. Grimes shifted to weirdo-vision and saw that Raymond’s ghost was still tied to his office and able to communicate with him.

- Grimes cast a spell to allow Raymond’s ghost to become visible to the whole group and he eagerly answered all there questions. Turns out Klaus had been meeting with all the cultists all over town and disappearing into various locations for hours on end. Raymond indicated a map of the locations (including the abandoned mansion they had been attacked at) but couldn’t figure a pattern to any of the varied locations. Dondarion saw a pattern immediately — connecting the dots made a pentagram except for one missing point. Some quick research revealed that point to be a shut-down chemical factory on the outskirts of town.

- Eagerly our 3 heroes set out to figure out what the hell is going on, stop it, and (if they have time) free Raymond’s soul from staring at his mutilated body for all eternity. They head straight to the chemical plant, scoff at the various bio-hazard signs, and scramble over the fence to investigate the various buildings and get to the bottom of things.

- Two unfortunate things compounded to turn the day even worse. First, a priest, a real estate agent, and a … (does Grimes have a job?) are not as ninja-stealthy as you’d think. Second, this location seems to be much more important to the bad guys than the house. Instead of also being unguarded, it turns out to be very guarded. Two auto-rifled, body-armored guards seal off one end of narrow walkway between two tanks while two more seal off the other. A quick thinking grimes conjures a local blizzard that allows them to push past the guards and make a break across an open stretch to one of the factories’ buildings. Unfortunately, two snipers had been previously warned to be on the look-out for them and rapidly fired off shoots … seems like the cult isn’t as willing to talk things out as Martin. Yeah White Vampires …

- The session ends with the gang pinned down and wounded — Chuck has been shot in the ass (moderate physical wound), Dondarion has a shoulder bullet wound that has rendered it unusable (Serious physical wound), and Grimes has a minor headache from spell casting. Just how are they going to get out of this one?


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