Detroit, Dresden Style

A Kidnapping Most Foul!

After a a most awful winter and a attempted demonic invasion of the city of Detroit. Our heroes try to recover from their adventure. But like all things, peace and quite does not last long and an emergency situation soon arrived.

Enjoying a warm beer in a dirty glass. Grimes soon was found by resident wizard Billy! Billy in his annoying manner soon let him know about a situation at the Majestic. Getting the crew together minus Chuck, who is on sabbatical. They discovered two bodies in the cafe, but no Madam Love. With assistants from Raymond (RETCON who was brought there to help pass on to the other side with help of Billy). They discovered while one the one body who was shot was a frequent customer of the Majestic. That the other was a thug who was killed by a what could be deduced to be a sharp blade. The thug had a tattoo which Father Dundrian found to be that of a Red Court Vampire Clan, but not one he is familiar with. Going to the back they found two more thugs with similar tattoos. quickly freezing and de-legging the thugs. Billy was able to let everyone know they were Thralled. By what it was not determined, but assumption would be Red Court. To their shocking discovery an elderly man by the name of Eldrick came in to the shocking scene. A male friend of Madam Love, they were able to find out that one of last people that she meet before this mess was a Rastafarian male who seemed to put off the lovely Madam Love. Investigating a lady of the night next it was determined that another person also entered. This one looking like a matrix character reject. Going back to the scene they soon discovered the thrall bodies gone and Artemis nose and blood soon lit up. Ghouls had arrived.

Following the scent of the Ghouls they discovered a bloody trail that led to three ghouls finishing what was left of the thralls. While things looked bleak, with Grimes and Artemis quickly freezing/killing one of the ghouls. The other two fled. While Artemis wanted to peruse even more he was convinced not to. Going back they found the police finally arrived to look at the bloody murder scene (5 hours after the fact). Following Eldrick to Madam Loves apartment they found a name, Eric McCullough, circled in red. Also a hit on the people Artemis took photos of. They hang-out at a emo-dance club.

What to do…what to do!


JeremyChambers Schmittism09

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