Detroit, Dresden Style

Detorit City Maddness!?!

Part I

Our adventure starts with Detroit moving even closer to it’s own demise. One individual interested in seeing who is in the front seat is Bert Cross. Bert was able to pick up on some usually property acquisitions. Knowing a up and coming Real Estate Broker, Charles Lemuix they decide to meet for coffee. Charles on his way to meet Bert receives a interesting call from “Stan” someone who seems to be more well informed on Charles latest job failure then Charles does, with an odd warning he meets with Bert. They soon discover that Charles last business bust and Bert’s reporting nose are leading them to the same place. Trying to find more info Charles suggest calling DA that has been hounding (literally and figuratively) Charles as of late. While Charles was able to clear his name there still seems to be tension between them. Charles not wanting to send bad vibes toward Bert steps outside to participate in the dying hobby of smoking. Outside Charles meets up with Father Dondarian, who oddly enough knows Bert as well. Father Dondarian while shaking Charles hands senses something that Charles may not realize as of yet. They enter the Majestic again to figure out what their next strategy.


JeremyChambers JeremyChambers

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